10 things to keep in mind if you don’t want to spend too much

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In the next installment of our weekend saver series, we collect situations where we tend to spend too much. When we are captivated by the heat and spend more than we can afford. It’s a good idea to prepare for these and decide in advance how much we really want to spend and stick to it. If you would like to add something to our collection then comment!


1. Special discounts, promotions

1. Special discounts, promotions

We tend to spend more if we think the item is very cheap. The shops are playing with this feeling and are trying to convince us that we can get everything we need later on at unbeatable prices. We also need to buy as much as we really need from our promotional items.

2. Collection points

Hypermarkets try to keep their customers loyal through various point collecting actions. However, potential discounts and gifts can often get customers too excited, and it is simply because of this that we spend more than we planned. It may be especially meaningful for stores to sell worthless collectibles for children. In such cases, there is no stopping, you have to spend so that the child does not cry.


3. The journey

3. The journey

Above all, you can easily lose your head, but almost every time you travel. Bargaining in an exotic market fills people with extra high adrenaline, who really get in, they can easily leave a fortune at the end of a vacation.

4. Empty stores


If you have time to look around the shelves of stores or try it in fashion stores, we tend to buy what you like. Take your shopping list with you for midnight shopping as well, and keep it to yourself.


5. Have fun

4. Empty stores

In the evening, one or two thousand easily slip out of the wallet. Especially when we’ve had enough. Let’s protect ourselves by making only as much money as we dare to drink. We leave the credit card at home.


6. Diseases

Medicines are not cheap either, but when weakened, everyone wants a little extra pampering. Don’t find it in your shopping. When we feel sick, it is better not to move out, but especially not to a mall.


7. Stress and depression

7. Stress and depression

Not only stress but also depression or minor depressions can make you want to shop. But then we can go to our favorite restaurant for the most expensive meal.


8. Your friends

Although we have already mentioned in the fun that we are often willing to spend more in the evenings, this is also true for other programs that we organize with our friends. On a friendly afternoon, the cost of an excursion can easily run away. Especially if you have to adapt to more people.

9. Payday


We tend to celebrate even a payday, which could be more worthwhile than shopping. Just to avoid having to fast at the end of the snow!


10. When we try to impress someone

Especially boys can do stupid things to impress a girl. Calculate what you are running out of the box and also think rationally how much extra spending is worth the potential goal.

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