This is how you can get in trouble if your mouth is in your bank

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What to do if you can’t find your credit card? Readers of our blog already know the answer. It’s a good idea to lower your purchase and cash withdrawal limit first, instead of blocking it, so you can get away with many thousands or even tens of thousands of fees. But for our readers, it is clear that this trick does not always work.


What happened is that our reader couldn’t find your credit card

What happened is that our reader couldn

This was not the first case, and was usually always within a few hours, so he did not think of blocking at all, instead he called the bank to lower the limits to 1 dollar, so that no unauthorized person could use it.

After telling you what happened, the clerk told you to disable your card. During the interview it was said that the card was lost, so according to the bank’s regulations the administrator has to take action. The conversation was recorded on tape so our reader couldn’t undo what he said. As the embossed card had a blocking fee of more than 10 thousand HUF. Of course, the card came in 10 minutes after the call. 

Blocking can cost you a lot

Blocking can cost you a lot

The cost of blocking electronic cards is $ 1,000- $ 5,000, according to our collection. In contrast, embossed cards can cost up to 15,000 dollars. If you can’t find your credit card, you might want to set your purchase and cash withdrawal limit to $ 1.00 instead of disabling it, but for the above example, let’s do this via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. Unless there is another way, do not tell us that you cannot find the card when talking to the agent.

Article Advice: That’s why you have to be afraid of today’s home loans too!

Article Advice: That

What to say instead? We’ve collected some of our own examples, and if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to write them in a comment:

  • Our wife has the card and we don’t want to spend too much.
  • We are trying a new method of slimming, which means that we cannot spend on food.
  • The end of the snow is coming, we need to save.
  • We’re planning a wild night, that’s the first precaution.

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