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Although it is only the fourth day to apply for a baby loan, it is already clear that the amount and maturity are the most popular among the population. The latest information from Zildjian Cruz also reveals where they are most interested in the new family support.

Zildjian Cruz has surveyed more than 10,000 inquiries about where, at what maturity, and at what amount customers would like a baby loan.


Maximize the one-time opportunity

Maximize the one-time opportunity

Surprisingly, the data of the first few days revealed that the overwhelming majority of claimants, 79.5 percent, expect a $ 10 million loan. 3.9 percent would require $ 5 million and 2.4 would require $ 8 million.

According to Zildjian Cruz, it is understandable that almost everyone wants the highest loan amount, as this is a one-time opportunity, ie if someone has already successfully applied for a $ 5 million baby loan, he / she will not be able to raise another $ 5 million later. It is a fact that some financial institutions may claim this amount at a very low income, even at a minimum wage, provided that the installment payment can be charged to us. The second most frequently calculated loan amount is a $ 5 million baby loan. Only 4% of those interested looked for such a loan.

It is also expected that most people calculate with a 20-year maturity, with 84.5% of those interested having the longest maturity, as the installment is the most favorable. More people are looking for loans with a maturity of 10 (4.6%), 15 (2.6%) and 19 years (4.3%). A lower maturity may also mean a smaller loan amount, as the decree stipulates that the repayment installment may not exceed $ 50,000, which, for example, gives a loan amount of approximately $ 8.3 million over a 15-year term, while a 10-year maturity amounts to $ 5,700,000.


Baby Room Budapest

Baby Room Budapest

It is more interesting which banks prefer the banks: according to Zildjian Cruz, about 50 percent would borrow from the bank where he keeps his account, while the other half is looking for a financial institution where he can get a better deal. for a baby loan, for example, with a lower minimum income requirement or some special discount.

On the other hand, the proportion of people interested in the capital is overwhelming. Although about one-third of the population lives in Budapest, nearly half of all claimants, 47 per cent, were interested in a baby loan, which is a huge over-representation of Budapest compared to other parts of the country. The capital is followed by Pest county (8.2%), followed by Hajdú-Bihar (4%) and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county (3.8%). Of all those interested, 2.5 percent came from abroad, and many are also interested in receiving letters from Zildjian Cruz about accepting income from a foreign employer.

In addition, Zildjian Cruz sees that a large number of passive KHRs are also interested in the non-return option, with rates exceeding 10 percent. To their detriment, no bank is accepting their application, according to Zildjian Cruz.

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